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If your home/office or any other premise is infested with Ants and all your DIY methods have failed, then it is time to call us. Ants are very small creatures that enter into your home or even offices and contaminate floor surfaces and may even spoil food. Ants may be hard to eliminate own your own because of their numbers and persistence. The amount of ants you actually see in your home is just a fraction of the particular ant population. The ant colony sends scouters to forage the region for food. Once situated, the scouter may lead worker ants towards the source to consider it as their nest. An ant infestation can cause major problems for your health and home since they can carry bacteria and might transfer them to food or an open wound.

We are licensed pest control company and our technicians know their job. Every member of the team is trained and updated on the latest technologies and techniques in pest control management on a regular basis. Trust Essen's professional and expert team for Ants and other pest control, extermination and animal removal services.

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More information about Ants Ants are eusocial insects of the family Formicidae and, along with the related wasps and bees, belong to the order Hymenoptera. Depending on the species, ant colonies can have millions of ants. The queen, the female workers, and males are the three kinds of ants in a colony. Many types of ants are commonly seen in Ottawa, such as: little black ants, pavement ants, carpenter ants, European fire ants and Pharaoh ants. Ants although tiny insects, can cause annoyance and fairly large problems for home and business owners.

Ants lives in colonies and can be a source problem if they infest in large numbers in homes. Ants are always in look out to expand their colonies and depending on the species and the maturity, an ant colony can be anywhere from several thousand ants to millions of ants. Most ant colonies build nests in soil. Most ant species found in Ottawa are omnivorous, feeding on a wide range of food sources. Ants find sugary foods, meats, and grease are particularly attractive. Ants may also enter residential area foraging for food or seek shelter. To get rid of ants completely, one needs to kill the the entire colonies because just spraying a typical ant spray won't work.

Ants are common in Ottawa, particularly during months when it's warm. Almost everyone who owns a home in Ottawa, at one stage need to combat an ant infestation. Ants might look harmless, but could be a real source of nuisance. Getting rid of ants is a difficult task. If you do have an ant infestation, it's advisble to call a professional pest control company.

If you are facing ants infestation, you should definitely take care of it before it can get out of control. Removal of ants is a difficult and time consuming process and in many cases require expert and professional knowledge. If you are searching for the best ants pest control and removal service provider in Ottawa, then call now at 613 963 0231.

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